アトラスへのメッセージ / A Message to Atlus JP

「ペルソナ3ポータブル」と「ペルソナ4ザ・ゴールデン」のローカリゼーションを行っている翻訳者「Katrina Leonoudakis」に関する炎上をご存知方々、どうぞ以下のメッセージをアトラスへ送って下さい:
If you’re familiar with the controversy around Personal 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden and the localizer tasked with working on the new English versions, Ms. Katrina Leonoudakis, I urge you to send the following message to Atlus JP:


Fill in the form as follows:

日本語版 / JP Version


「ペルソナ3ポータブル」と「ペルソナ4ザ・ゴールデン」の潜在顧客、そして不安に駆られるファンの視点からこのメールを書いています。 もちろん、好きなゲームは新プラットフォームでリリースされるのはうれしいことだと思い、普通の状況であれば、買うのも楽しみにすると思います。残念なことに、そのゲームを英語にローカライズすることに委ねられた方に関して不安があります。特に、「Katrina Leonoudakis」という名前の方(Twitterで「@katrinaltrnsl8tr」)に不安感を持っています。





例として、去年の4月15日に投稿した発言を挙げたいと思います。「 堀さんと宮村くん」というアニメの翻訳についてのやりとりの中に、Leonoudakisさんは実際に英語に存在しない「burgerified」という作った造語を「ばれずに」追加したことについて自慢していました。同じやりとりに、「 異種族レビュアーズの翻訳でばれずに追加した言葉についてのスレも作りたいね」も発言しました:



現在、ファンの苦情を受けて販売会社の「Seven Seas」は論争になったマンガの翻訳を見直すかどうか検討しています:



英語版 / EN Version

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing as a concerned fan and potential customer of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, soon to be coming out on Xbox and Windows.

Naturally, I'm happy to see these games coming out on a new platform, and under normal circumstances I'd be looking forward to buying them. Unfortunately, I have a number of concerns about some of the people chosen to work on helping to bring those games into English. In particular, about one person named Katrina Leonoudakis, who also goes by @katrinaltrnsl8tr on Twitter.

Ms. Leonoudakis has worked on localizing several games and anime titles into English in the past, and based on her conduct online as well as several unprofessional comments regarding her own work, there is good reason to believe that her involvement would negatively affect the quality of the finished product.

Ms. Leonoudakis has a habit of needlessly inserting slang or even made-up words into English localization she works on. In many cases, these changes have little or no relation to anything in the original Japanese script, and have created controversy amongst fans of the original Japanese works in the past.

While it is understandable that localizing a work from one language to another requires certain changes and compromises from time to time, the degree to which Ms. Leonoudakis changes the source material goes well beyond what's acceptable or necessary for a successful localization.

To make matters worse, not only is Ms. Leonoudakis aware that her localization decisions are upsetting to fans of the work she handles, she seems to enjoy needlessly antagonizing them, to the point where she openly brags about how her changes will upset them. It should go without saying that this kind of behaviour can only have a negative impact on your brand.

As an example, I could point to her comments on the 15th of April last year. In an online conversation where she discusses her work on "Hori-san to Miyamura-kun" (in which she brags about getting away with placing the word "burgerfied" into English subtitles, a word which does not exist in the English language) she goes on to say "I should just retweet the whole thread of /shit I got away with/ in interspecies reviewers":

It should be noted that the English version of Interspecies Reviewers was canceled by Funimation after only three episodes. While the decision to cancel cannot be attributed to Ms. Leonoudakis' influence, it almost certainly did nothing to help its success or popularity.

Ms. Leonoudakis was also a vocal supporter of unwelcome changes made to the English localization of "I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into A Girl" by Seven Seas, which has become a recent focus of controversy after fan outcry:

Seven Seas has even responded to the controversy, and is looking into whether or not it will revise the translation:

Ms. Leonoudakis' attitude creates ill-will with fans of the works she localizes, something that she seems to revel in. She knowingly and willingly engages in bad faith translation, and brags about it online. She seems proud of the fact that she "gets away" with doing poor quality work on properties that are not only important to fans, but also valuable to their owners in Japan.

Her involvement in the localization of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden can only do harm to your brand, and as long as she is involved in these projects I cannot support them by purchasing them. I hope you can reflect on the decision to place her on this project and reconsider.

Thank you.