アノニマスの見解 Ep.22: 「4kiz」、子どもを餌食にする統一教会の秘密プログラム

Hello everybody. And it’s with great surprise to even myself that I welcome you back to another ANONIMASU NO KENKAI. The last episode was two whole years ago, and at the time I figured I’d said everything that needed to be said.

But recently some disturbing news has come to my attention, and given how LITTLE attention its getting elsewhere, it felt necessary to bring the series out of retirement for one more episode just to talk about it. The news in question regards “4KIZ”, a company which describes itself as “a social media platform by children, for children”.

“4KIZ” was founded on December 1st, 2021 by a man named Katsuhiro Motoyama, a graduate of Tokyo University and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to its launch, 4KIZ successfully raised over 6 million yen in start-up funds on the Japanese crowdfunding site “Campfire”, roughly equivalent to 40,000 US Dollars. Interestingly, this sum was raised from only 416 people, with some giving hundreds of thousands of yen, equivalent to several thousand US Dollars. Quite a grassroots campaign.

According to Mr. Motoyama, 4KIZ is a “social network service for children under 12”, and “a platform for drawing out childrens’ potential in the new era”. Mr. Motoyoma goes on to say that mainstream social media platforms fobid those under 13 from using their platforms, and children sometimes violate those rules to create accounts anyway which exposes them to a dangerous environment where they can be targeted by predators. 4KIZ exists to create a space where children can enjoy social networking in a safe environment, or so they claim, and where their parents always have the ability to supervise and control their experience.

On paper, these don’t sound like bad ideas. Letting young children use Twitter or Instagram is like letting them play unsupervised a filthy alley behind a strip club. The sheer volume of pornography and horrible people they’d run into would make any responsible parent pull the plug immediately, and so a separate network created for children only seems logical… much like an online version of a supervised playground or daycare center.

And yet, it’s difficult not to feel a little… uncomfortable about 4KIZ. The idea of a private, for-profit corporation asking you to trust them with your children online doesn’t feel very wholesome. Corporate-run social media is already known for datamining, misleading, and spying on its users. The thought of 4KIZ doing the same thing but to children 12 and under is even more horrifying, to say nothing of creepy.

A closed network populated entirely by children also feels like it would quickly become a target for exactly the sort predators it was designed to avoid… either in the form of adults masquerading as children using fake accounts, or even worse, predators seeking jobs as 4KIZ moderators.

The above concerns are more than enough reason to avoid 4KIZ like the fucking plague, but believe it or not… things get a LOT worse the further we look into it. Because it turns out 4KIZ CEO Mr. Motoyama is a very prominent member of the “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification”, also known as the “Unification Church”… a powerful and very well funded “new religious movement”. Or as I prefer to call it, a Cult.

Viewers in Japan should already be familiar with the Unification Church… following Shinzo Abe’s assassination in July last year, the shooter Tetsuya Yamagami claimed his motive was a grudge against the Church, to which Abe and his family had numerous connections. The resulting political shitstorm revealed that a shocking number of ruling party politicians also had ties to the Unification Church, and while the government has desperately tried to clean house even since, the scandal continues to damage them in public opinion polls to this day.

Yamagami claims that his mother was bankrupted by the Unification Church, who pressured her into donating so much money that she was left unable to care for herself or her family. The Church denies this, naturally, but the truth is this is a common tactic with cults. In my own past experience with the cult of Scientology, I saw the same thing in action multiple times. In Japan, this practice has the term “spiritual sales”, and a special legal group exists to campaign on behalf of its victims.

Western viewers might be more familiar with the term “Moonies”, and their practice of mass weddings. However they’re known, the Unification Church is plagued by scandal and a well-deserved bad reputation in almost every country they operate in.

But getting back to CEO Motoyama, his involvement in the Unification Church goes beyond just being a common member. Here he is giving a speech at the “Cheon Il Guk General Assembly” in 2015. The content of his speech was posted on “Family Forum-dot-JP”, a Unification Church website, before they deleted it, and before the Google archives managed to lose it. Thankfully the Wayback Machine still has copies, because his speech spells out his connections to the Church and his goals even more clearly.
でも「4kiz」CEOの本山さんの話に戻りましょう。彼の統一協会との関係は単なる一般信者ではありません。この写真では、本山さんが2015年に「CIG総会」で日本CARP(原理研究会)戦略と目標についてスピーチをしています。スピーチの内容は統一協会のウェブサイト「familyforum.jp」に投稿されましたが、どうやら消されたみたい。Googleのキャッシュもなぜか消されたが、幸いにInternet Archiveに保存されたページが残っています。その内容を読むと、本山さんの統一協会との関係そして4kizの目的はさらに分かりやすくなります。

Of particular note is a section where he talks about “working with various academic institutions, NGOs, and research institutes” to “carry out value campaigns via social media” for the purpose of “training leaders who can lead the future” and “maximize the energy and talent of young people”. Remember this part for later…

Here is Mr. Motoyama again, photographed together with Hak Ja Han, the so-called “True Mother” and de-facto leader of the Unification Church, photographed for an article in the April 2015 issue of “True Peace” magazine, a Unification Church publication. An honor not bestowed on ordinary rank and file members, I’m sure.
次の写真では、本山さんは統一協会のリーダである「韓鶴子(別名:マザームーン)」と一緒に、統一協会の雑誌「True Peace」(2015年4月号)のために撮られています。一般信者に与えられる名誉ではなさそうね。

Here’s another picture of Mr. Motoyama, this one from 2004, during his time as a teacher with a group of students in the “Junior STF” or “Special Task Force”, an education program for the children of Unification Church members.
もう1つの写真では、本山さんが2004年に、統一協会二世子供の教育プログラム「Jr.STF (Special Task Force)」の先生として撮られています。

All of this information is very interesting, but what’s even more interesting is how hard the Unification Church is trying to scrub this information from the internet. Nearly all of the images and web pages so far have been taken down, and it was only thanks to the archival and detective work of Japan’s citizen journalists that we even have any information at all. Special thanks goes out to “Booska-chan” for numerous informative blog posts with links to the archived pages.

Mr. Motoyama is reportedly very unhappy about this citizen journalism, however. He’s characterized it as a harassment campaign and an invasion of privacy, but wouldn’t the parents of children using his platform naturally want to know the background of the man creating it? Not only did he fail to make any mention of it in his fundraising or advertising, but he’s going out of his way to have the information covered up.

The dots should be connecting themselves by now. A cult with a long history of pressuring members for donations. A crowdfunding campaign raising 6 million yen from just over 400 people. A CEO with strong ties to the Unification Church as an elite member, and with a stated passion for “training leaders” and “maximizing the talent of young people” using “value campaigns via social media”.

How easy would it be for the Unification Church to pressure its members into donating to 4KIZ? Not only would this fund Mr. Motoyama’s company, but it would also hide any financial connection between the two.

Thanks to Mr. Motoyama’s connections to Junior STF, it’s also very likely a lot of the children already using 4KIZ are second generation Unification Church members. Which means newly joining children will unknowingly rub shoulders with cult members, learn cult teachings indirectly, maybe even get invited to cult-run events or activities. And all the while, 4KIZ staff (who are probably also full of Unification Church members) will be collecting location data and private information on all of these children to use for… whatever they want.

They’re not even being subtle about it. Search for the 4KIZ app on an AppStore, and an app for the Unification Church facility “Cheon Bo Won” is prominently displayed in the recommended apps list. By any objective measure, 4KIZ looks like a cult grooming and recruitment tool disguising itself as a child-friendly social media platform. The connections to the much reviled Unification Church is never made explicitly clear, and parents will only find out about it after their children join, IF they find out at all.

And all the while, Japanese media corporations are giving 4KIZ coverage and driving users to the platform without ever once mentioning the Unification Church’s connections. If a cult is targeting the children of Japan, people need to be warned. And if the media won’t do its job, then we have to do it for them.

And if you’re outside Japan, don’t think this isn’t your problem. As of just this month, 4KIZ has announced a rollout of the service in six languages, for global distribution. Today it’s Japan’s children. Tomorrow, it could be yours. Getting the word out now could prevent the damage before it ever reaches you.

If you have children that are using 4KIZ, you need to get them off. If you know people with children using 4KIZ, you need to convince them to stop. Of course Motoyama and the Unification Church are going to use Japan’s new anti-defamation laws to take down this information, and user disclosure laws to harass their critics.

So it’s going to be necessary to use privacy tools to hide your identity, and decentralized systems to share the information so it can’t easily be taken down. Archival tools like the Wayback Machine or Archive-dot-PH can help you preserve information from getting black holed, and the decentralized Fediverse can help you create platforms to share and spread information outside the reach of corporate censorship bought and paid for with Unification Church money.
つまり、批判者はプライバシーツールをうまく使って身元を隠さなければなりません。そして分散的なシステムを使って、情報を簡単に消されないようにしなければなりません。「Internet Archive」や「archive.ph」のようなウェブページ保存ツールも役立つと思う。そして分散的な「Fediverse」上に、マストドンやミスキーのプラットフォームを使って、統一協会の金で買われる検閲を恐れずに情報を共有、公開できます。

And if all you can do is share this information with people you know, that’s already more than enough.

This was ANONYMOUS NO KENKAI. And until next time…if there is a next time… MACHI UKE NASAI.

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