Hello everyone, Chano-san here.

I’m doing some opinion research, and I have a favor to ask from my subscribers.

Golden Week this year is Comiket. I’m actually worried about whether or not it’ll be held at all. Since the WuFlu numbers are going up and down all the time, if even the Olympics are in question, Comiket is even less certain.

Not like I want it to be canceled or anything. If it did get canceled, the Preparatory Committee would be in trouble, actually. But you have to think and plan ahead, right? And if it becomes AirComiket again, it’s like..is this the “new normal”?

The doujin world is one of independent creators, but isn’t the online doujin world becoming controlled by big companies? Using DLSite or Booth means you’re controlled by the rules of those companies. We’re living in a world where Sony is screwing over eroge makers, and companies around the world are getting stricter over ero content so I get to thinking, “Is this really a good idea?”

Well, probably 99% of doujin creators are fine with it, but I want an option for weirdos like myself. If we’re going to do doujin online, I at least want a decentralized and censorship-resistant method. So I came up with an idea.

A while back, I helped localize and shilled for a program called “OnionShare”. Its main function is to share files
over the Dark Web, but the latest version has an added feature to host simple onion sites. If you save an index.html file and its contents in a folder, you can use OnionShare to turn it into a Dark Web onion site.

So I thought, couldn’t you use OnionShare to have an “Underground Comiket”-like event? If a creator uploaded a digital work onto an onion site made this way, and sent me the address by mail, I could put up an online catalog of these sites. Then fans could go to each site and download content they like. For people not familiar, I could produce instructions, guides, and templates.

Of course, this system means they’d have to be free downloads. Those using crypto could post addresses or QR codes to request donations, though.

Me personally, I think it sounds fun. But there’s not much point in doing it alone. If it’s just a couple of people,
it doesn’t really feel like an event. So I want to do an opinion survey of my subscribers. Nothing specific has been planned, but first I want to gauge interest.

So I’ve posted a link to a survey in the video description. On Twitter and on YouTube. Whether you’re interested as a creator, as a fan, or not at all, please tell me your opinion. If it doesn’t gather much interest, well… then I’ll give up. If it does, then we can start thinking more concretely.

So, please share your opinion! Thank you.


Fediverse: https://pl.anon-kenkai.com/notice/A4FiBNJ2aAj5piwZ4i

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JapanAnon/status/1360797930949513219

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugz8UlfvPd-IBwKYyAB4AaABCQ

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